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Black HMI

HMI doing only single work to display GUI, but here we Can control IO’s, Record, and Display GUI.

As per Standard HMI they need PLC connected With HMI to control IOS, and there is communication is via any serial type like modus, Profinet, Profibus, Etherne, RS485 etc, But Black-HMI is Real Time Hardware control HMI. We achieved this because display UI is controlled by Microcontroller itself.

SPECIFICATIONS: 1. 5 inch Touch Screen Resistive Display. 2. Aluminum Bessel with 4 hole for Direct Mounting/ Closed Box as per requirement. 3. Gold Plated Graphics Card. 4. Tested on 115200 Baud-rate (Fastest Industrial Serial Data Speed). 5. Operating voltage is 5V, this is low because can easily switch for Battery operated equipment also. 6. Operating Frequency 64MHz. 7. Six 10 bit ADC(common mode) Channel 8. Two serial port for communication. 9. Ten Buffered Output

10. Six Input 11. I2c for external Peripherals 12. SPI for External Peripherals with Buffer, Without Buffer 13. USB Connector Available for Direct Communication with PC (Plug and Play) 14. USB Powered / Power supply Powered (Auto Switch) 15. SD Card interface Available for Standalone logger (if Required) 16. Wifi connectivity Available for Wireless data exchange/ IOT, (Wifi Module connect as per requirement) 17. Easy for Install and very Cost effective.

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